Tuesday 31 January 2012

Beet and Avocado Salad

Yesterday, I decided to make a beet and avocado salad for lunch; I set out everything on the counter and went to check my emails. I was out of the kitchen for about 2 minutes when I heard some rustling... A few minutes later, I went back into the kitchen to find Guinness wandering around, wagging his tail like crazy. Suddenly, I noticed the avocado was missing; I looked at Guinness and he had the avocado in his mouth! Luckily, I had a few extra avocados on hand.       

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Sri Lankan Pumpkin Curry

A Sri Lankan friend made this curry for us the other night - it was so tasty I asked for the recipe. Today, I decided to make it to accompany a fish curry that my boyfriend announced he was going to make. Actually, he came up to me this morning and said, “Tonight, I am going to attempt to make one of the most fiery fish curries ever." Knowing his obsession with chilies, I was sure he would put in about 20 chilies, a heap of chili powder, and anything else spicy he could think of. In the event, he used 12 fresh green Thai chilies and 10 teaspoons of his special, home-ground dried red Sichuan chili pepper flakes (see upcoming story about these).  

Sunday 22 January 2012

Raita - Cucumber Dip

I was at the grocery store with a friend recently and she said, "Oh yummy, let's buy some raita!I said, "WHAT?! Raita is sooo easy to make - I'll show you how!"  So we bought all the ingredients but never got around to making it, even though it only takes 5 minutes. (We ended up drinking wine instead.)

Saturday 7 January 2012

Tacos with fresh mango salsa

I love Mexican food. I have never been to Mexico, but I lived in California when I was little and the one thing I remember is the amazing Mexican food. In general, Hong Kong's Mexican food is pretty average. I cannot understand why restaurants like iCaramba can't manage to make a fresh salsa; there are so many fresh tropical ingredients available in HK but the food tastes like it came out of a can.