Tuesday 30 October 2012

RHKYC yacht race from Hong Kong to Hainan

Sailing on Ambush from Hong Kong to Hainan, China
I just got back to Hong Kong after racing in the 360nm downhill race from Hong Kong to Sanya which is on the south of Hainan Island in China. I did the race on Ambush a Mills 41, with 10 other sailors. We started the race on Thursday at 12:15 and finished at 5:15 am on Saturday morning. 12 boats competed in the race, all finished except one, which retired. The race was a lot of fun we started just outside of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in Hong Kong harbour and raced out of the harbour and ended in Sanya at the southern end of Hainan Island.

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Thai Quinoa Turkey Laab

Laab is a Thai/Lao dish it is traditionally made with ground chicken, beef, or pork. It is flavoured with fish sauce, lime and fresh herbs. The ground meat is eaten by wrapping it with a lettuce leaf. When I was thinking of what to cook for dinner the other night I decided to make a Thai Quinoa salad, but when I was wandering around the grocery store I decided to make a variation of Laab that would be a complete meal, not just meat in lettuce.