Tuesday 19 June 2012

Vietnam Trip Post 3 - Hue

infront of a Kung Fu centre in Hue 
We arrived in Hue by train and walked with Robyn and Trudy to the taxi stand, and were met by the guys on Harley Davidson who were taking Robyn and Trudy to Hoi An. They organized a taxi to take us to a hotel that they owned. We went up to the room to have a look, looked ok, then manager said actually they have no rooms available. "huuumm Uh why did you show us the room then?..." Went across the road to their sister hotel (Hong Thien Hotel), room available $12 dollars. It was to hot to walk around and look for another hotel so we booked it!." We Said goodbye to Robyn and Trudy and wished them luck on their bike journey.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Vietnam Trip Post 2 - The Train Ride And Halong Bay

me with coconut Halong Bay
The below post is what I wrote on my iPhone while on a very long train ride.....sorry it keeps jumping back and forth.