Monday 11 November 2013

chicken soup

ok i am going to whine a little bit, i have been feeling a bit tired the last week. And woke up on Sunday morning with the most awful cold. So i have spent the last 2 days watching far to much of How I Met Your Mother and trying to get better. I have only just managed to leave the house once today to pick up some groceries, even tough the grocery store is downstairs. Well yesterday I didn't really feel like eating at all anyways. So this is a recipe for a very simple chicken soup it takes about five minutes to prepare and can be easily prepared when feeling awful.

tomato, basil & bocconcini salad

Sorry for the exceptionally long hiatus since my last post, been busy with work friends sailing... This is the salad i made for the for the August long weekend lamb barbecue while i was in Canada. Yes i know this post has taken forever.