Friday 13 July 2012

Vietnam Trip post 4 - Hoi An

cleaning dishes in the Hoi An market 

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So we booked a car that drove us from Hue to Hoi An. It took about 3 hours for the drive, we stopped once at beach, as well as on top of a mountain actually more like a hill if your from Canada. The beach was beautiful the remnants from the war a bit depressing but the view was amazing. When we arrived at the beach at which is located about 10 minute drive from Hoi An town, we asked the driver to take us to a few hotels to find one we liked. We ended up choosing the Palm Garden resort. We asked the hotel about the price, which turned out to be like $30 usd more then Agoda and asked to have this price but they said no, but then the hotel staff suggested we used their wifi to book it on our iphone which worked fine... but a little weird, but whatever if worked. Got shown to our rooms then went to relax at the beach. After the beach we tried to walk to Hoi An but gave up after about 15 minutes it was a long way and dark.

Cau Lau vendor & happy customer 
We wondered around the town a bit, looking into a few shops the town is very cool the buildings make you feel as you have went back in time. Next we went for Cau Lau at a street vender, Cau Lau is Hoi An most famous dish and a few friends had suggested we give it a try. Cau Lau noodles are only made in Hoi An they have a distinctive smokey flavour which is suppose to come from the well water they use to make them. Pork tenderloin, rice crackers, bean sprouts and mixed herbs are arranged over the top of the noodles accompanied by soy and chili sauce, they taste amazing and as I remember it only cost about a dollar.

Cau Lau 
After dinner we went over to the Cargo club for dessert, we shared pavlova with fresh mango and passionfruit and white chocolate Kahlua cake. The desserts were awesome, I have to say that every other night we were in Hoi An we came back to try another dessert or get a scoop of their lemongrass ice cream. We were talking to our cooking class instructor Ms. Vy who owns Cargo club the next day, and she said she heard that foreigners liked desserts and thats why she opened it, so she ordered all the baking equipment then realized that know one new how to bake! Supposably the equipment sat around for quite awhile, and by chance a couple who were bakers from France moved to Hoi An.  They were then convinced by Ms. Vy to teach her staff how to bake and thats how Cargo Club started. After dessert we took a taxi back to the resort, and went to sleep. More to come on Hoi An, in the next few days didn't think I could fit it in all one post.

Pavlova with fresh mango and passionfruit

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