Saturday 15 September 2012

Vietnam Trip Post 6 - Saigon

The lunch lady! 

The Lunch Lady I have heard so much about her amazing bowls of soup on No reservations and other blogs. So on the first day in Saigon we decided to see what all the fuss was about and try to find her. First of all she is not that easy to find we had a simple map from gastronomyblog which helped a lot, but still wondered around the block a few times before we found her she is down a side street. While searching for her we ran into the couple who write the blog ricebellies and between us eventually found it.
When we arrived an expat girl said we should have been there yesterday and the soup was not as good today, but I have to disagree the broth was amazing! The soup was served with a chicken drumstick, baby bock choi and egg noodles, the broth had a sweet star anise flavour. Fresh rice paper rolls were served alongside the soup. Nguyen Thi Thanh (the lunch lady) is so sweet and welcoming you almost want to hug her she has a huge smile on her face at all times.
The lunch ladies soup 

After visiting the lunch lady we decided to try something a little different for dinner, snails! ok not that interesting but I had never tried them before so the time had come. I don't think Erin was to into the idea so we only ordered 1 kind, the lady said we should try the "snails fat" possibly this name was not quite translated correctly but we decided to have them fried with tamarind. We order some deep fried spring rolls to accompany them along with beer! They were pretty good the taste sour sweet taste of tamarind worked well with the snails and beer.

Snails with tamarind 
store front of crab restaurant
The next day for lunch we decided to check out the soft shell crab place at 94 Dinh Tien Hoang, Da Kao ward, District 1. So this is confusing there are 2 restaurants a few doors down from each other with the same address selling the same thing and supposably you should go to the one which says 94 but is not actually in the space which 94 should be located. The restaurant moved down a few doors but kept the same address and because everyone likes this place so much a restaurant moved into their old location claiming to be them. So I hope i went to the correct one, if not who really cares the food was awesome. We ordered Mien Tom Cua Nuoc (Vermicelli soup with shrimp and crab), Cang Hap (steamed crab claws), and Cha Gio (Vietnamese spring roll with crab).
crab spring rolls, stuffed with crab

crab claws
To end my posts on Vietnam, I love this country this has been my forth trip and every time I visit I Vietnam discover new places, eat fresh and tasty food and meet lots of friendly people. I cannot wait to get back for another visit! Also Avocado smoothies rock! you must try them them sound weird but they are soooo good, there are smoothie stands all over Saigon so give them a try.
fruit smoothie stand

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