Friday, 5 June 2015

How To: Prepare Bitter Melon 苦瓜

Bitter melon is found is abundant in the markets of Hong Kong in the summer months, it has the appearance of bright lime green cucumber covered with bumps.
As it name suggests it is very bitter in taste. It is eaten in mostly Southern China, Southeast Asia and India where it is stir-fried, pickled and found in curries. Bitter melon was originally used in asian medicines and is believed to purify the blood. I have tried bitter melon in both curries and scrambled with eggs and quite like the taste now even though it has taken a bit of time to get used to it.

1. Wash melon and cut in half length ways.

2. Scoop out flesh, seeds and discard.

3. Slice into half moons.

4. Sprinkle 1 Tablespoon of salt over the bitter melon.

5. Cover with water and soak for 30 minutes to an hour, this will get rid of some of the bitter flavour.
6. Rinse and drain (Sorry I forgot to take a photo of this step)
7. Cook! Check out my recipe for Bitter melon scrambled eggs coming soon!

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