Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Gluten/Dairy Free Chocolate Almond Meal Cake

I made almond milk for the first time the other day and was seriously surprised how good it was. After making the milk i had a bunch of almond meal left over so i decided to try my making a gluten free and dairy free almond meal cake. After searching around pinterest i came across this recipe from edible perspective, it looked good and had lots of nice comments so i decided to give it a go!

How to make Almond Milk

I recently picked up a nut milk bag, generally i just buy nut milk from the grocery store but thought i would give it a try and its actually quite easy. And it tastes wayyyy better then the stuff from the grocery store. With grand plans of waking up before work and making nut milk i put the almonds to soak on Thursday night, I woke up on Friday morning but the desire to sleep in a bit longer resulted in no nut milk.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Iron Foodie Entry: Spiced Pork Tacos with Fresh Mango Salsa

I recently entered the Iron Foodie contest i didn't win this time but got 71 votes which i pretty stoked about. Anyways keep watching chopcookdine on Facebook and instagram as i am planning on entering more recipes in upcoming contests!
Iron Foodie Entry: Spiced Pork Tacos with Fresh Mango Salsa

Mu Shu Pork 木須肉

I had recently seen cloud ears when walking through the market, so i decided to try to make Mu Shu Pork one of my favorite Chinese dishes from when i was little. I want to try and cook a new dish every few weeks trying to use something i am not completely familiar with from the wet market.

Monday, 30 June 2014

How To Cook Artichokes & Spicy Grilled Artichokes

I did something stupid... I took a bunch of photos on how to cook artichokes then i deleted them...i thought i had already uploaded them to my computer gurrrrr So this is the second set of almost the exactly same photos! I was lucky to find artichokes again they don't often have such nice ones in Hong Kong.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Hongkongese Roasted Pork Tacos 燒肉

Being a typical Hongkongese expat I have decided to make wednesday night my stay at home cooking night, why you may ask? well my helper comes on Thursday and I want to try to avoid doing my dishes!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My Top 8 Kitchen Tools

I have tons of tools in my kitchen but there are a few that never seem to leave my drying rack...They get used before they get put away :) I picked 8 because 8 is a lucky number Hong Kong so here you go in no particular order!