Saturday 26 March 2016

Japan - Furano - Where to Eat Sushi

unagi (eel) & king crab sushi - Fukuzushi
regular chirashi bowl - Fukuzushi

I had been craving sushi on our way to Furano Japan and I was particularly looking forward to visiting a sushi restaurant that I had been when I last visited Furano, when I arrive we were informed that it was now closed which was a little disappointing. We asked around and were able to find a few other places to try,  they are all located in Furano town which is about a 5 minute taxi from the ski hill or a 15 minute walk.

Address: Asahimachi 1-24, Furano-shi

We went to Fukuzushi for lunch on our day off snowboarding. We had the Chirashi (bowls of rice I with slices of different sushi on top. I had the regular  Chirashi which is pictured. I also ordered 2 of my favourite kinds of sushi, Unagi (Barbecued eel) and Zuwaikani (king crab), I ordered the regular size slices but they also have a large option that are probably huge as my pieces were already about twice the size of anything you would order in Hong Kong. The sushi and Chirashi were delicious extremely fresh slices of fish with vinegary sushi rice.

1 Eel sushi (Unagi)  ¥500
1 crab sushi (Zuwaikani)  ¥400
1 Regular Chirashi  ¥1404
1 Fancy Chirashi  ¥1944

the best plate of sushi!

the most delicious tempura

the sushi chef outside his restaurant

Sushi beside Masaya
Address: 2 doors down from Hinode-chou 11-15, Furano-shi

I am unsure what this sushi restaurant is called but it was recommend to us by Masaya the owner of Teppan Okonomi Yaki, which is 2 doors down from the restaurant. When we walked into the door of the restaurant the chef and waitress looked a little worried and they got another guest to explain that our dinner would take awhile to be served. I think this may have been the polite way of saying they spoke no english and maybe we wanted to go elsewhere. Anyways we said that would be ok and we were sat down at the sushi bar to have a look at the menu. Since the menu was in Japanese with no photos another guest Remi who was there with her parents helped us order. Remi asked if we liked oysters and we said yes so we got those and then we discussed about getting some sushi and said we were happy with a selection and were not very picky, then Remi's family had a big order of tempura arrive so we ordered some as well. First we were served the oysters I believe they had been steamed they were very fresh but I have to say that I prefer oysters on ice. Next arrived the tempura and to my delight there was a delicious piece of king crab tempura on the top, as well as prawn, eggplant and some other vegetables. Then the most tasty fresh sushi we had during our trip arrived one piece of tuna, scallop, surf clam, salmon, sea urchin and one other kind of fish but I am not sure which type, each piece had different amounts of wasabi under the fish depending how strong the taste of the fish was.

There was another couple sitting beside us at the bar who were very funny and friendly. I think they had decided to try and order things that the westerners may find difficult to eat because first they wanted us to have some of there fried fish fritter but didn't want to say what was in it and kept saying just eat, it turned out to be stuffed with fermented soy beans. I was a little worried by the gooey stringy soy beans but was pleasantly surprised, the fermented soy beans had a very strong taste but they were naturalised a bit by the deep fried fish on the outside. Next the couple ordered two types of octopus one cooked with wasabi on top and one raw with freshly grated wasabi on top, I preferred the raw octopus, the cooked octopus took a considerable time to chew. After many laughs with everyone in the restaurant we said our good byes. Remi and her parents asked where we were staying and we said up by the ski hill and we were walking home everyone looked at as like we were nuts to be walking home in the cold. Remi and her dad insisted that they would drop us off which was very sweet! So off we went in the car and they dropped as off at our hotel and they even gave us a calendar as a parting gift. So sweet!

Oysters, Sushi, Tempura, Beer  ¥12000

salmon sushi at topical sushi train
king crab sushi at topical sushi train

Topical Sushi Train

Address: Wakamatsu-chou 9-6, Furano-shi

Looking for sushi train and affordable sushi? This is the place to go. There are lots of choices from the revolving sushi train and a menu available. The plate prices are on banners hanging from the ceiling, like a space cadet I didn't notice this until the end. We ended up with a stack of 21 plates at the end of the meal. I really enjoyed all of the sushi with the exception of  one piece the squid with spicy blended roe it looks really pretty (pictured right) but I am not a fan.

Some of the prices for plates below:
Tuna Avocado Roll  ¥210
Salmon  ¥158
Crab Salad   ¥158
Crab  ¥263
Crab Soup  ¥420
Grilled Salmon  ¥210
Tuna  ¥210

inside topical sushi, prices for plates listed on banners

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