Friday 16 March 2012

Boracay, Philipines

fresh seafood at market
A few weeks ago I went to Philippines  to sail in the Boracay Cup. I left Hong Kong at some crazy hour in the morning, took Cebu Pacific to Manilla. Next I took a plane from Manilla to Caticlan airport in Boracay, I had one of the scariest landings I have ever been in, the runway is so frikin short, and when we came in for the landing the plane was rotating side to side and when we landed I swear the back wheels lifted up a bit, actually people clapped when the plane finally stopped! scary...
From there with the help of my new friends Annalyn and Mark from the flight (Thanks for all the help) I went into to airport paid an assortment of random taxes for something. Then we shared a motorbike taxi to the ferry pier which took about 2 minutes. Then bought a ticket for the ferry (Bangka boat) for 50 pesos, the boat ride took about 15 minutes. Then shared a motorbike taxi to zone 3, where Annalyn negotiated with a motorcycle driver to take me the rest of the way to my hotel.
packing up the boat, on a the way to the boat on a bangka boat
I stayed at the Sheridan Villas not to be confused with the Sheraton! It is located in zone 3 behind the beach down some small lanes, when the motor bike drove me I was thinking shit where the hell is this guy taking me; when I saw the sign I was slightly relieved. The villas were clean, a little musty but generally pretty good. A positive/negative about the villas they are along way from all the bars and shops in zone 2. Its about a 15 minute walk to zone 2 or you can always get a Cyclo driver to take you which costs 60-100 pesos. There is a lot of different things to do in Boracay touts push variety of water sports to you while you walk along the beach: diving, kite boarding, windsurfing, and to be pulled behind boats on all matter of things. My days consisted of sailing (racing), massage, swimming and maybe a little to much drinking. 
spicy prawn gambas and chicken something (i forgot the name) at Nigi Nigi Nu Noos
Because I was sailing each day we generally spent a lot of time at Nigi Nigi Nu Noos(the race headquarters was located at Nigi Nigi), each morning we met at Nigi Nigi, after sailing we met at Nigi Nigi for beer and food, then later before dinner Nigi Nigi again! I was a bit Nigi Nigi out by the end; the food pretty good a lot of western choices which I tried to avoid. But they also had a selection of filipino dishes; I had the spicy prawn gambas, chicken adobo, pancit with pork (noodle dish), and the fruit crepe for breakfast which were all very good.

reserved table, fresh seafood market
The best experience I had was eating at Plato D'Boracay Resto! The seafood market is a few minutes behind the beach; when we arrived a few of us looked around the market for the freshest and best deals (there was some serious negotiations going on). After you make your purchase the venders put your seafood in a bag; then you give it to the restaurant, and decide how you would like it to be cooked. We had the dishes cooked a variety of ways: grilled, fish with ginger and soy, curry crab and a few other styles. I sorry I don't have some better pictures of the cooked food but when sailors are hungry its pretty hard to say stop I want to take a few photos first. 
rum and fish with missing eyeball, at Plato D'Boracay Resto
The most affordable part of the meal was the rum, the coke cost more, which I think directly contributed to me eating the fish eyeball. Huuummm fish eyeball not good I still feel a bit sick thinking about it! I actually chewed on it; black stuff came out of the center it tasted really fishy and then there is the hard bit which you spit out... A few of the other boys tried them; one swallowed it whole and chased by a beer and the other put the eyeball in a shot of rum. Anyways the food was amazing fresh and tasty, and I can't wait to go back.
prawns, curry crab, clams, grilled squid being devoured
The last day after racing we attended the prize giving, with a buffet. A crowd gathered outside the tent to watch us which was a bit strange. The prizes were given, copious amounts of rum and trophies. Next went to a beach bar which had a live band and had a few Pina Coladas. I got a lift back down the beach with a Cyclo driver, only getting stuck in the sand a few times on the way. Next morning packed up, had a swim, then to the airport where we had a crazy takeoff; get the plane going, brakes off and go.....

people watching the prize giving

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