Saturday 7 April 2012


A quick post before head off to the Vietnam this afternoon! I am flying into Hanoi and out of Ho Chi Minh, I have the first 2 nights booked and thats about all. I ll look at my guide book while I am on the plane. I am going on the trip with a friend from University, this will be my first trip with a friend, ie not accompanied by a massive group of sailors, my family or a boyfriend! I have been to Vietnam 3 times so far, I love it, the food is amazing I cannot wait. Anyways for this post nothing to do with Vietnam, an easy recipe for Guacamole! Enjoy


3 shallots
1 green chili
2 avocados
8 cherry tomatoes
Juice of 1 lime
Salt & pepper
1. Finely chop shallots and chili pepper. Remove avocado seed, and peel. 

2. In a bowl or mortar and pestle, mash avocados, shallots and chili.  

3. Roughly chop cherry tomatoes, and add. Pour in lime juice and stir. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve with tacos, nachos, or as a spread on a sandwich is also good. 

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