Thursday 24 May 2012

Vietnam - Hanoi Day 1-2

Hanoi at night
Ok I am terrible I haven't put a post up in ages! So a few weeks ago I went to Vietnam for 13 days with a my friend Erin from Australia we flew into Hanoi and out of Saigon and only booked the first 2 nights before we left. We Flew from Hong Kong to Hanoi Vietnam, arrived at 8 after being delayed in Hong Kong on the plane for an hour boooo and we were suppose to be met by a car, but that didn't happen.
I phoned the hotel, to ask where the driver was, they said to take a taxi. Negotiated from $600000 to $300000 for taxi to the hotel. Arrived at Green Mango in old quarter of Hanoi, got upgraded to the deluxe room. Possibly because they forgot about us at the airport!

Went out walked around a bit through a night market, but everything closed pretty early. Woke up early had green eggs and ham (pesto scrambled eggs) in the hotel, the breakfast was included. Then we walked around for awhile went into some shops then went for Bun Bo Nam Bo with Bia Ha Noi beer, @67 Hang Dieu, which was amazing... Beef with rice noodles, lettuce, fried shallots, bean sprouts, coriander, mint, basil and broth with fresh chili and calamansi juice. Peanuts optional. When complementing on your food in Vietnam it is important don't say yum, because yum yum means horny! So unless you are into waiter it is probably best to say something else...
Bun Bo Nam Bo with Bia Ha Noi Beer

Next we got a bit lost looking for a travel booking place that my friend had recommended, when we finally found it, we booked a 2 day 1 night trip to Halong Bay. Then walked around a bit more and I got hit by motor bike! The bike ran right into me and my camera lens, smashed the lens cover only, which was extremely lucky, the people on the bike looked pretty pissed off, I think they thought something are their bike was broken, when they realized their bike was Ok they jumped on and sped off. It bruised my stomach a bit, and I was a little shaken up- but all good. We walked around a bit more, being very careful to avoid motor
fried banana cake
bikes :).  Then we saw a group of travelers in front of a bar with pints of beer, actually think I shouted beer yahhhhh, not so many pubs in old quarter of Hanoi! Sat down ordered and met Gabrielle and boys at the next table. 3 pints later... @81 Hang Ga, we Best of mates and a little drunk. I tried a deep fried banana thing from a vender across the street, it was ok a bit greasy. We tried to spot bikes with 5 people on them, spotted 2! We decided to get dinner and take the easy option just pick something close from Lonely Planet. We went to a restaurant I cannot remember the name or the address the food was good but the company better. (got rid of my lonely planet didn't have any room for it in my luggage on the way home) We did have some sort of pancake which you wrapped with herbs and rice paper that was really good see the photo below, as well as lots of other snacks. Gabrielle and the boys went to catch a train, and we wondered back to the hotel. night night!
some of dinner: pancakes with herds and rice paper wrap and spring rolls

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