Monday 17 August 2015

How To: Make Coconut Yogurt With Fresh Young Coconuts

I have been meaning to try and make coconut yogurt for ages but the daunting tasks of trying to open a coconut always got the better of me, and the thought of possibly loosing a finger didn't help. Ollie can attest to frequent shrikes from the kitchen when I burn myself and ect so it seemed like I might be pushing my luck!

But I finally got the courage and decided to give it a go with the saw on Ollie's Leatherman tool, and it wasn't that difficult, sure I got a little coconut saw dust in the coconut but I was able to strain it out of the juice quite easily.

For my first batch of coconut yogurt I used some old coconut yogurt as a starter and it worked very well, but I didn't want to leave you with that manner of making it incase you didn't have coconut yogurt. So the second time I tried making it I used probiotic tablets as a starter. When I used the old coconut yogurt as a starter the yogurt took about 6 hours to get ready and when I used the probiotics powder it took about 14 hours, the time it takes for your yogurt to get ready all depends on the starter and the room temperature. The yogurt is ready when the taste of the yogurt is slightly sour and the yogurt grows about .5cm. The best way to check if your yogurt is ready is wait a few hours. Have a look. Has it grown? Does it taste slightly sour or does it just taste like coconut? If its not right leave a little longer and taste again.

Before making this batch I also watched a few youtube videos on how to open a coconut with a knife and invested in a cleaver. To cut the coconut, I placed the coconut on a chopping board on the counter, (DO NOT not hold onto coconut) and then whacked the coconut on the top so you create a square opening, then I wedged the top of the coconut off with a small sturdy knife.

Recipe: Coconut Yogurt
Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Setting Time: 6-14 hours approximately
Servings: 4

3 young coconuts (about 320g of coconut flesh)
1/2 - 1 cup coconut water from above coconut (depending on the consistency you would like your yogurt)
4 probiotics capsules (open capsules an pour powder out) or  4 tablespoons of coconut yogurt

1. Open coconut and drain coconut water into a bowl
2. Scrape out coconut flesh and place in food processor, blend until smooth.
3. Add enough coconut water until the consistency is similar to yogurt.
4. Blend in probiotic powder or old coconut yogurt.
5. Pour into clean container, place in warm area (top of fridge) for about 6-14 hours. The coconut yogurt will start to grow and taste slightly sour when ready.
6. Refrigerate
7. Enjoy with chia seeds sprinkled on top and fresh fruit!

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