Thursday 21 March 2013

Japan - Hakuba - Hie

tuna & avocado  ¥700

I was trying to figure out where to go for some Japanese food for dinner and was recommended to go to Hie by Daniel who was staying at my hostel. (there are a lot of restaurants that are not Japanese in Hakuba) As you walk up the road in Echo land it is easy to miss Hie, actually I walked straight by it. Hie is on the main road but slightly set back, Hie is just up from Weather Report/Top target which you cannot miss.

I wish I had taken a photo of the outside as well as the inside, but I forgot and only got photos of the food! As you walk in through the door at Hie, you are met by rows of saki along the dark wooden walls. Hie is a izakaya, which is a place where you go and drink saki and have small plates a food with your drinks. I had beer... I know but I felt like a beer!
salmon sashimi 

We were sat down at the bar and given a little bowl of pickles, which is custom of most restaurants in Japan, these pickles were made from lotus root.  We ordered beers and I decided on the food, I didn't get to order to many dishes because my drinking companion had already eaten dinner.  I ordered 4 little dishes of food, they were all very tasty, especially the tuna and avocado dish with thin slices of seaweed. The waitress recommended that I try the eggplant with tomato and cheese, truthfully I though it was a bit strange having it with my rest of my food, kinda seemed like it was from another restaurant, but all in all the eggplant was good and I am sure excellent soaking up some of the saki that would often be in your belly when visiting Hie. xx
minced (chicken meat balls) ¥180

baked eggplant & tomato & cheese ¥600

the menu 
Bus Stop 17 Echo Land
(Hie also has private drinking/dining rooms phone ahead to make reservations)

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