Wednesday 27 March 2013

Japan - Hakuba - Shinshu Dining Sarugaku

deep fried tofu ¥150, shiitake mushroom ¥150, chicken wasabi ¥150 and chicken teriyaki yakitori ¥200
On the second to last day of my trip I picked up a free copy of Hakuba Essential Guide at the visitor information centre, I wish I had gotten it sooner I would have had a little more insight on where to visit. After flicking through the guide I decided to go to Shinshu Dining Sarugaku because truthfully it was walking distance away and it looked good. Shinshu Dining Sarugaku is located beside a mexican restaurant on the side of a large new building in Echo Land.

Eating in Japan is an experience the food is always served with such care it is never just slapped on a plate. Each little smackerole of food seems to have a special piece of pottery that is made specially for it.  Shinshu Dining Sarugaku serves a variety of yakatori, soba and tempura. You must try the pork rib herb leaf yakatori which is made of pork that is wrapped around like a wheel with a shiso (Perilla leaf), the shiso leaf has a distinctive aroma and taste which is difficult to describe sort of pungent minty fennel flavour. (Picture below) I also really enjoyed the vegetable tempura it had a few vegetables which I had not tried in tempura before, Shungiku and lotus root. The Shungiku is the green leafy veg in the tempura photo, it has a slight bitter taste which is a good contrast to the batter. For the meal I sat at the bar which was great the i got to talk to the chef, he was very friendly and explained some of the interesting ingredients that were in the food.
Pork cheek ¥200, Pork rib herb leaf ¥200

Vegetable tempura ¥700

Shabushabu of pork ¥650

the chefs!

Shinshu Dining Sarugaku
Bus stop #17 in Echo land

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