Thursday 7 February 2013

Dumplings Hong Kong

One of my favourite places in Hong Kong to get dumplings is Dumpling Yuan, I always take visiting friends there for a meal. First thing is that they are fresh and most times you visit there will be a lady sitting at a table hand making the dumplings on wooden trays. Second and the most important is the dumplings taste amazing, you can get all versions of the dumplings steamed or fried. My top 3 choices for dumplings are:

1. Vegetarian steamed dumplings
(full of veggies & vermicelli rice noodles)
2. Pork & Courgette fried dumplings
3. Pork & Leek steamed dumplings

But before you order may sure you check the dumpling special of the day, and order a Tsing Tao beer to accompany your meal! Enjoy (oh and the food is very reasonably priced)

Dumpling Yuan
98 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: 2541 9737

steamed & fried dumplings

the dumpling menu

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