Tuesday 19 February 2013

RHKYC - Pan Fried Crab Cakes

view from my office :)
So truthfully, most of the time when I eat out I eat at the RHKYC Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. I come here a lot, it's a great place to do work on my days off, I can sit outside on the balcony overlooking the Harbour do work and have lunch. Clubs are big in Hong Kong - everyone seems to be a member of one or two, or even more. I have a friend who's on a mission to join about  five of them. (she's joined two so far, and is pretty determined to get into the Hong Kong Club, eventually). Each time I come to the yacht club I generally order a lot of the same food, so for the next few months I have decided to try and order something new every visit and review it. I was also thinking maybe I should start reviewing the food from all the clubs. I am going to the Football Club for dinner tomorrow and have friends who are members at almost all the other clubs.

Today I had the appetizer from the 'Monthly Light and Healthy Selections' for a snack: Pan-fried crab cakes, oven roasted fennel and capsicum with eggplant relish, for $78

I really enjoyed the crab cakes with the eggplant onion relish the cakes were crispy on the outside with the soft delicate taste of crab on the inside. A slice of the grilled yellow or red capsicum added some extra flavor to each bite. The only part I was not very fond of was the roasted fennel, the strong aniseed flavor was incongruous with the delicate flavor of the crab.

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