Thursday 21 February 2013

Going snowboarding in Japan next week!

on my last trip to japan
Yesterday I was looking at Facebook and I saw a post of a friend snowboarding and got extremely jealous. (i don't think I have been snowboarding is 2 or 3 years) So this morning I woke up and booked a ticket to Tokyo for next week, I am planning on arriving then taking the bullet train or a bus or a combination of transportation to get to Hakuba. I actually looked at flights last night and wasn't 100% sure about going, then looked this again this morning and got a fanfare from Cathay for $1700hkd return, about 2000 cheaper then last night. So at the end of next week you can expect restaurant reviews from the ski slopes of Japan! I cant wait, snowboarding and japanese food! Sashimi, ramen, sushi, yakitori, okonomiyaki... yum my stomach is already rumbling.

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