Friday 22 February 2013

eatRIGHT Hong Kong

Thai scallop salad
For lunch the other day I went to eatRIGHT to try the set lunch, I decided on having the scallop salad followed by tandoori chicken with couscous and for desert almond cake with a skinny late. Right away the waitress came back and informed me they were out of tandoori chicken, but they would make me a chicken breast instead which was great. I thought it was good service to offer another option even though they were out of the tandoori.

chicken with raita and couscous
The scallop salad was really spicy, the the dressing had flavours of lime, chilli. The scallops were fresh and pan seared and on top of a bed of grated carrot, cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes and romaine lettuce.  Next I had the Chicken with Raita and Couscous.  The Couscous had apricots, red capsicum and saffron. The raita on top of the chicken was a fresh contrast to the sweet taste of the couscous. To finish the meal I had a the almond cake with a skinny latte. The cake was very yummy, lots of almonds and not overly sweet.  I really enjoyed the my whole lunch, I left feeling full but healthy and I will defiantly be back again. For the 3 course and a latte the meal cost $118 +10% service charge, which seemed like a good price for what I ate.
almond cake

Set Lunch Menu 
Soup or Salad 
Lentil Soup or Scallop Salad
Main Course 
Stir fried beef with brown rice or
Tandoori chicken with couscous or
Halloumi Wrap
Almond latte or
Piccolo Latte or Tea
Add $20 dollars for both dessert and coffee
10% Service charge

23 Staunton Street
Soho, Hong Kong
852 2868 4832

skinny latte

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  1. Looks really healthy and fresh. Lovely pics of your lunch!